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IpbWiki: Integration of Invision Power Board and Mediawiki

Add the power of Wikipedia to your Invision Power Board!

IpbWiki is an interface which connects MediaWiki software (=the software which runs on wikipedia) with Invision Power Board software (=forum).
The ideology behind IpbWiki is "why write a wiki system from scratch if you can connect 2 powerhorses?"

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IpbWiki is now Open Source!

Download IpbWiki from here (click the folder release and choose the zip file containing the correct version for your Invision Power Board)

IPB Wiki Features Overview

  • Seamless integration of the login system of MediaWiki and Invision Power Board. Your website visitors get the convenience of a single sign-on into the forum and the wiki, leading to an increased community participation. IpbWiki provides 2 authentication methods:
    • Transparent User Authentication: if the user visited the forum and there exists a forum session, then user is automatically logged in into the wiki.
    • Non-transparent User Authentication: Clicking the Login button in the wiki authenticates against the forum database and logs the user in both the wiki and (optionally) the forum.
  • Integrated Skins: Out of the box skin integration.
  • Configure Wiki-Rights: grant wiki-rights (read, edit, minoredit, createpage, createtalk, move, delete, undelete, protect, block, createaccount, upload, reupload, reupload-shared, rollback, patrol, editinterface, siteadmin, bot, asksql, checkuser) based on the member's Forum User Group and member's number of posts.
  • Supports BBCode & Emotions: IpbWiki Parses BBCode so your forum members continue to use the familiar forum BBCode, leading to an increased community participation. Emoticons are also supported.
  • Automatically link keywords in your forum post to wiki-topics by using the Automatic wikification extension, or link to topics manually by using the [wiki] bbcode
  • Discussion Threads: possibility to configure IpbWiki to redirect the wiki discussion tabpage to a forum discussion thread, again leading to an increased community participation.
  • Rating System: Allows your visitors to provide feedback how much they like your articles.
  • Limited CMS capabilities: Add topiclists and forum posts inside your wiki pages.
  • Online Users Integration: Show in 1 list who's active on your forum and wiki.
  • Poweful & Convenient Control Panel: All options can be simply selected turned on/off in your Admin CP Panel.
  • Link multiple wikis to 1 forum
  • Since IpbWiki is based on MediaWiki you can automatically enjoy all features of MediaWiki when you use IpbWiki
  • No Programming Or Editing Needed: Simple installation and a user friendly control panel supports configuring feautures as you need.


If you have trouble installing or running IpbWiki you can go to this support forum

Are you a developer and you want to help?

If you are a developer and would want to like to help on the code, send an email to ipbwiki@gmail.com and request for svn write access.

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